You Are My Blog-Shine


I was so giddy over my first post that I’ve spent the week trying to brainstorm what a new post should be. And then eventually, what a theme of this crap is going to turn into. I’ve gone from ideas ranging from something like “The Bitches Bark” (because I have dogs, train dogs, and spend a LOT of time lovin’ up my canine pals) to “Monogamous Sex and the Suburbs” (because I went through a short obsession with every episode of Sex and the City, but could never wrap my head around what the hell went wrong in those girls’ heads when something, relationship-wise, finally started going sorta right. And it drove me nuts that Carrie, ‘acclaimed writer’ that she was, started almost every article with the sentence, “I started to wonder…”. I wanted to love them, but could never get past like…anyway).

The problem started to become a lack of focus. Too many ideas, too much ADD, not enough “time” to get started on anything, and finally deciding to focus on some overdue work issues instead. Until today.

I’ve been reading through the blogs offered up on wordpress to get ideas and see what else is going on out there already. Found some good ones, found some really boring ones, but the ones that caught my attention most were themed on the idea of just writing. Writing to write to write. No subject, per se. Just ramblings of other tormented, lonely, strange souls who have the same apparent goals with their blogs that I basically do at this point. I’m here to write. And that’s all I think I’m going to worry about for now.

Saturday evenings are my husbands artist night, out holed up in his studio with his band mates. My new goal in this attempted dedication is to get something written, at least every Saturday. You, and my cats and dogs, are witness to this pledge and I thank you in advance for your support.


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